At Cased Hole Well Services, we didn’t just start a company, we created a better option, especially for those projects that fall outside of the norm due to temperature and pressure challenges. Our business plan started with your needs. You want experienced people, you need equipment that meets the newest safety requirements and standards, you’re looking for 24-hour accessibility and you’d prefer to work with fewer partners. So we listened, and then we went to work. We don’t do everything; we’re highly focused on a few things, and we make sure we handle them exceptionally well.

Our management team is among the most experienced in the wireline and snubbing industry. Averaging nearly thirty years of experience per person in the oil and gas servicing business, our people have the know-how to handle just about any situation and overcome challenges that would leave others scratching their hard hats.

The tools and equipment we use are already ahead of industry standards including Class One Div 2 and explosion proof. Manufactured to the most current regulations, our equipment meets each and every standard for safety, even the new regulations that resulted from the Gulf of Mexico spill.

The services offered by Cased Hole Well Services, divided between electric wireline and snubbing are comprehensive and thorough, providing you with a complete package of offerings. Additionally, we’re responsive to your needs. We’re with you, anytime, anywhere to answer, accommodate, solve, provide or assist.

Cased Hole Well Services, the company you want to work with, and people you’ll want to know.