Mark S. Moreau

Our managers average about 30 years in the electric wireline and hydraulic well control (snubbing) business, having worked in locations ranging from the Gulf of Mexico to Alaska to the North Sea. That allows Cased Hole Well Services to take a tactical approach to your well problems. More than experienced, our equipment is the best of the best, and fully compliant with the most recent and stringent safety measures and compliance regulations.

Cased Hole Well Services – what matters to us?
Safety for our people and families, protecting the environment, preservation of our (and the industries) reputation – while maintaining excellence of service!
– Mark S. Moreau

There's no substitute for know how.

Offshore, inland and land, a well site is no place to rely on rookies. Inexperience is dangerous and costly. Especially on the challenging downhole projects with high temperatures and even higher pressure. That’s why Cased Hole Well Services is built upon a management team of seasoned veterans.