Cased Hole Well Services provides a full range of perforating methods to help optimize your production.

Through Tubing and Casing Perforating
Cased Hole Well Services can accommodate diameters ranging form 1.375″ to 7″. Our Gun Systems including expendable strip carrier, retrievable tubing gun, and expendable hollow carrier guns allow us to accommodate your perforating needs.

Electromagnetic Orienting
When Cased Hole Well Services runs multiple strings, it is critical to maintain proper orientation, particularly for the gun string. Electromagnetic orientation accomplishes this by detecting adjacent strings using magnetic properties, which makes it unaffected by cement or formation density as it responds solely to magnetic material.

Request for ProposalRadioactive Orienting
Cased Hole Well Services offers the time-proven method of radioactive orientation for positioning the perforating gun in a multiple string application using a radioactive source.

Pressure Firing Head / Tubing Conveyed Perforating
Cased Hole Well Services Electric Wireline crews are able to provide live well perforating service capability for CT, S/L, snubbing, and traditional rigs.

Detonators for Non-Secure Rig Environments
Cased Hole Well Services uses advanced electro-explosive devices that are designed specifically to increase safety whenever unsafe conditions may be present such as:

• high-frequency irradiation.
• stray current and voltage.
• static electricity: unaffected by electrostatic discharges, e.g. in the human body.
• induced power caused by lightning.

CHWS provided electro-explosive devices are immune to stray current from lightning strikes whenever the gun system is in the hole. Enhanced safety characteristics allow other well activities to continue uninterrupted while perforating.