Cased Hole Well Services logging services provide the mission-critical data to ensure optimum well performance and longevity.

Sector Bond Tools
Available in 1 11/16” six sector, 2 ¼” eight sector, 3 ¼” eight and twelve sector, 4 ½” sixteen sector bond tools with 400° capability, our sector bond tools measure cement bond quality around the casing circumference as well as vertical extent measurement.

Production Logging
Cased Hole Well Services measures a number of critical downhole conditions, using various tools including temperature/noise detector, spinner, capacitance and tracer injection. These enable us to identify issues such as lost circulation, thief zones, channeling, water entry and flow rates as well as calculate velocities, verify movement at plugs, identify zoned intervals production, verify if a plug is holding and identify other mechanical problems.

Multi-finger Caliper
Multiple-finger calipers, coupled with a thickness tool, more accurately measures the diameter of the internal wall of a casing or tubing. This allows us to identify even small deformations in the wall of the pipe, such as buildup of scale and metal loss due to corrosion.

Gravel Pack Tools
Cased Hole Well Services utilizes a variety of gravel pack tools to monitor gravel pack density including gamma ray, casing collar locator and simultaneous measurement of pressure/temperature.

Gamma Gun Tools
Our gamma gun logging tools range in size from 1 11/16″ to 3 1/8″ and up to 500° capability, Cased Hole Well Services achieves the best possible correlation of perforating guns, plugs, packers and other downhole devices that require exact depth correlations between open-hole measurements and cased-hole measurements.

Gamma Ray Neutron Tools
Available in 1 11/16″ and 2 3/4″ with 400° capability, our gamma ray neutron tool allows us to record and perfectly correlate the depth of open-hole measurements and cased-hole measurements.