Snubbing/HWO Equipment

Snubbing/HWO units have evolved to become more efficient and more powerful. Our units pack more power and take up a smaller footprint so that we require less set up and take down time and apply greatly reduced loads to offshore platforms. Our rigs have the ability to get from job to job with more ease and quickness ensuring maximum efficiency.


We operate with only modern and well-maintained units. Our arsenal of snubbing/HWO units includes:

  • Certification: Units engineered to comply with latest regulatory requirements
  • Size Range: Standalone Jack Type units in sizes 150k, 225k, 340k and 460k. Units suitable for live/dead wells, land/offshore, standalone/inside derrick, and most are configurable as “Quick Rigs” for maximum efficiency.
  • Maximum capacities: Lift to 460,000 lbf., snub to 230,000 lbf., and rotary torque to 22,500 lb-ft.
  • Well challenges: Capable of handling surface pressures above 15,000 psi, H2S and CO2 and HPHT.
  • Tubular capabilities: run tubing, drill pipe, casing, and completion accessories in sizes from 3/4″ up to 9-5/8″ O.D.
  • BHA & pipe handling: units feature 10′ Access Work Windows with bores to 13-5/8”, manual or powered pipe handling and makeup system for tubular running or BHA’s/completion component handling.
  • Gin pole series ranging from 3,000 lb, 5,000 lb & 10,000 lb hanging load and with the largest gin pole having a third BHA winch with 8,500 lb lifting capacity
  • Slip Bowls: handle pipe sizes form ¾” to 9-5/8”. Feature powered slide plate system to accommodate the passage of large OD tools