Hydraulic Workover Services

When production stalls, Cased Hole saves. Our snubbing teams are are expertly skilled at performing a wide variety of hydraulic workover services to get old wells back up and producing. With nearly 200 years of combined well intervention experience, our team has seen first hand wells of every size, pressure and grueling condition.

Our entire crew is credentialed and certified for all snubbing applications both on land or offshore, ensuring the safety and efficiency of every job. Our repertoire of dead well intervention services includes:


• Tubing change outs (single/dual)
• Recompletions (single/dual)
• Workovers
• Gravel packs
• Tubing conveyed perforating
• Fishing plugs/pipe/CT
• Milling out plugs or packers
• Side tracking
• Wash Jobs
• Straddle packers
• Zone isolation
• Pumping services
• Spotting Cement
• Squeeze Jobs
• P&A
• Pipe Recovery